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ANY LAB TEST NOW® offers a number of DNA tests to answer your specific questions.


  • Legally-Admissible Paternity Test
  • Informational Paternity Test
  • Prenatal Paternity Test
  • Infidelity DNA
  • Genetic Predisposition DNA Test


What type of Paternity Test should you choose? It depends on why you need the test results. You want to know the answer. But ask yourself, what will you ultimately use the test results for? The types of DNA paternity tests available at our nationwide locations include:
  • Legally Admissible Paternity Test — follows a strict chain-of-custody collection procedure
    • Seeking or denying financial assistance, such as child support
    • Seeking custody of a child or visitation
    • Adding or removing the father’s name from the birth certificate or Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity
    • Adding a child to military benefits
    • Seeking social security benefits
    • Adoption proceedings
  • Informational Paternity Test — For your peace of mind, though results cannot be used in court or for legal documentation
  • DNA Add-Ons — add a mother, second child or an another potential father for a nominal fee


  • A DNA Test is accurately done right, the first time, by a professional.
  • All tests are quick and easy; it only takes a few minutes.
  • A sample from the mother is not needed, though is encouraged.
  • You do not need a physician to interpret the results.
  • There are several types DNA tests available including maternity, siblings and grandparent, ancestral, infidelity and genetic predisposition.
  • Each sample is tested twice by the most accredited laboratory in the United States – so you can be confident in the results.


  • A caring environment with a quick and easy collection process
  • An empathetic medical assistant who will collect your DNA samples correctly the first time
  • Fast, accurate results from an AABB-accredited DNA laboratory
  • Results delivery your way, balanced with confidentially and discretion
Ask about our other DNA family relationship tests, including:
  • Maternity
  • Grandpaternity
  • Siblingship
  • Other Family Reconstruction Tests
Our knowledgeable medical assistants can help you determine the most appropriate test for your particular situation. You can expect professional, courteous service in a clean collection facility. Best of all, the wait time is minimal — in under 15 minutes in most cases, and no appointment is necessary. For affordable, accurate and convenient DNA Paternity tests, find a nearby ANY LAB TEST NOW today. Call your local ANY LAB TEST NOW location with any questions, or to schedule your quick, confidential appointment.
For more information on available DNA/Paternity tests, please review the list below.

Informational Paternity Test (Not admissible in court)

To determine the biological father of your child, get this Informational Paternity Test. This Test gives you an accurate determination (with 99% or more certainty) of who the child’s biological father is.

Genetic Predisposition DNA Test

For your “peace of mind,” the Genetic Predisposition DNA Test from ANY LAB TEST NOW is a comparative risk analysis of your unique, inherited genetic pattern. Essentially, your DNA pattern is compared to a pool of other peoples’ patterns to determine your predisposition to 25 common diseases and conditions including cancers, Alzheimer’s, coronary heart disease and others.

Infidelity DNA

For your “peace of mind,” the Infidelity DNA Test answers any questions or concerns you may have about a possible cheating spouse or significant other.

Legally-Admissible Paternity Test

Determines the paternity of a child following strict chain-of-custody protocols, with the average probability of paternity of 99.9%. The test is performed between a child and an alleged father. Although not necessary, mother’s participation is encouraged, as her information reflects the genetic information she contributed to the child (one-half of the child’s DNA). The specimen collection process is simple, using soft swabs that are rubbed on the inside cheek of the mouth. Pricing may change if there is more than one child and/or alleged father participating in the test.

Prenatal Paternity Test

This is a first-of-its-kind paternity test that can be performed during pregnancy, with zero risk to the fetus. Blood is drawn from the pregnant mom and alleged father. The DNA test detects free floating fetal DNA in the mother’s blood, and can be performed as early as 9 weeks of pregnancy and up until the time of birth. The test is 99.9% accurate as long as there is sufficient fetal DNA in the mother’s blood. The likelihood of fetal DNA presence increases with gestational age. In cases where there is insufficient fetal DNA in the maternal blood, the mother will return for a supplemental blood draw 2 to 4 weeks after the prior test at a minimal additional cost. Test results are available in 7 business days.